You are Paying too much for recruitment


As our recent advert above indicates, we are going to have a very different approach to Permanent Recruitment to the average Recruiter who we believe are due a shake up to the way things are done..

Why? Well, because we have been in and around enough Recruitment offices over the years between us here at Kwikstaff to know that there is a huge gap between Client Perceptions and actual Recruiter activity with this perception being used to justify some pretty meaty fees for the Recruiter...

At the other end of the scale are the "Online Bargain Recruiters" which are effectively a glorified lineage advert in the Universe that is Recruitment websites - a "one size fits all" / "Do it Yourself" approach which we know leaves many Hiring Managers with either No candidates at all or, conversely an absolute avalanche of totally unsuited candidate CV's... and that's before we get onto the total lack of confidentiality afforded by such methods of Recruitment (we recently had a candidate who found out he was losing his job when he saw it advertised online!).

Having said that we know there are Companies out there that have had enough of the fees Recruitment Agencies typically charge for a placement relative to the quality of the job they do, "there is never any middle ground with Recruiters, they all seem to be John Lewis.. where are the Aldi's or Lidl's?" a client asked the other here we are!


So, given our Resistance to the way things have been done, lets see if we can bring some realism to the cost element of Permanent Recruitment, Temps are trickier in fairness as there is a large burden on the agency financially with record levels of debt owed to them by clients..

We have given Permanent Recruitment a lot of thought and between the team have Recruited for literally thousands of positions over the last 20 years (that's the number of years by the way, not the usual cumulative figure of 5 staff!) and believe that we can offer the following rates and back them with "Proper" Recruitment meaning you get all of the usual benefits but at a really attractive price.


For a Full Recruitment Service including Advertising, Vetting, Formatting Suitable CV's, Arranging Interviews, Administering References, Offer and Rejections and all at no charge until Start Date.

  • Salary £0 to £15K / Yr   Fee = £750 + VAT
  • Salary £15K to £25K / Yr   Fee = £1250 + VAT
  • Salary £25k+ / Yr  Fee = £1750 + VAT


The Very Limited timescale you get to bed your New Employee in...

Most Recruiters will give you a Maximum of 3 Months on a Sliding Scale and then only if you have jumped through a few hoops first!

We will Replace for Free any Candidate who leaves, isn't performing or who is no longer in your business for any reason other than Redundancy or Death within the First 6 Months of the Placement.. This we feel simplifies the situation massively and helps us to build long lasting and trusting relationships with our clients, it also ensures we always do our very best to find you Great candidates because we hate having to replace!

That's Great yes? Well wait, there's more...

To really get your new employee through the Honeymoon period and well into being a productive member of your team we will back our initial 6 months with a further 6 months at 50% Reduction of our usual Competitive Fee!

That Peace of Mind you wanted... its right there!

Payment Terms can be discussed but we can be Flexible up to 30 Days from Placement Date.

Finally....We don't expect this to go unnoticed by our esteemed competitors so please be assured, We are also, "All about the People" and finding the very best available talent and providing you, the client with a smooth and professional service, and trust us, our network is huge too! - We will just do it at a much better price, and then back it with a reasonable and beneficial time period for you to ensure you have made the right choice on your new team member.

Best Way to find out how good we are? Well, you know the answer to that..

Let's Talk!

If we can assist you with a Requirement for a Permanent member of staff please follow the subtle link here to get the ball rolling, We will then be in touch immediately to discuss how we can help save you money and time on your recruitment efforts..